dear spring - what i wore - day 16

dear spring,

i heard just a few days ago that it was the first day of spring.  you seem to have dissapeared off of the face of the earth.  where are you?  i am waiting as patiently as i can...you are my favorite season you know...so please don't dissapoint me.  i froze my bum off taking these pictures and i would appreciate some sunshine and warmth soon.

a cold girl that misses open toed shoes and sun dresses (aka lindsay)


  1. I love it Lindsay!! You're beautiful :)

  2. Yes I agree, where is spring! You are so brave to go outside and take your awesome outfit photos! I'm not brave enough right now because I froze my buttcheeks off last week when I did that, lol! This is yet again another lovely look! ;)

  3. I agree! I want Spring and I want it now! No more snow. :(
    But other than that, you look beautiful-as always! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. Really great dress on you with the little studs and the charcoal colour is really cool. Torrential rain here in East Bay, sitting here with my coat on!

  5. Did you get snow this morning as well?
    : / So much for spring...

  6. you look fabulous I love that dress.