the capitol - what i wore - day 18

our state capitol is absolutely beautiful.  as many of you know it was the ceremony and reception location of our wedding.  unfortunately it was closed so we had to resort to pictures outside, but that's okay.  the stairs to the main entry is breathtaking.  unfortunately these pictures don't really do it justice.  i will have to make the capitol the location for another set of what i wore pictures.

matthew and i are headed to omaha later today with family for dinner and then we're going to see an irish band at a pub.  super pumped! i hope to get lots of fun pictures and maybe even another video :)  also i have been planning a big giveaway of my own to hold hopefully next week.  once that little GFC makes its way to 500 followers (holy crap!!) I will announce it.  i wanted to do something special as a thank you to you all...seriously!  Hint: a part of the giveaway includes a gift card from one of my very favorite places to go to get inspiration for window displays!!

hope you all have a lovely weekend.  what are you up to?  XO, lindsay


  1. The second photo freaked me out at first! Haha you look beautiful as always! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. You're super cute! I would love to see a video! And yay for nearly 500 :D

  3. you have the best backdrops for your pictures...so beautiful!

  4. Adorable! Love the headband, and the capitol building is beautiful.

    So is ours, and just up the street, maybe I should utilize it for a photo shoot as well. Hmmm...

    Hope you have a great weekend!



  5. LOVE the last couple of outfits, gorgeous! They keep getting better and better. You rock that lipstick;-)

  6. haha, i love these posts. you're adorable.