peace. love. cupcakes.

good morning sunshine!  i am waking up this morning wanting cupcakes (my favorite thing ever!) and after this post i think you will too.

the lovely michelle of living a life of love came to me not too long ago in search for some design work.  when she told me the design was for her cupcake business i knew that this little project was going to be so much fun.  after exchanging a few emails this was the design that was created.  luckily this girl was in love...and i must say i am too...i heart fun and playful designs!

today is the big day for michelle! her dream of running and operating a cupcake business has officially started today.  go check out michabella's cupcakery and wish her luck!  i wish i lived in florida so i could go snatch up one of her cupcakes.

on a slight side note...this post reminded me of a few pictures i took during my recent visit to anthropologie.  i was in need for some inspiration for my window displays and we all know how fabulous the design teams of anthropologie are!

when i went to their home/kitchen section this is what i found...

seriously....i need a job with this design crew!  have a beautiful day

xo, lindsay


  1. Mmm cupcakes sound delightful!!

    I really hope that you get to become a member of Anthropologies design crew! That would be amazing and you are way talented so I see it happening soon!
    Have a scrumptious day lovely!

  2. wow! love the cupcake case trees!
    come visit the giveaway on my blog:
    Leigh at The Sewing Diva

  3. You are the best!!! Thank YOU!

    Pretty freakin' sure I need that cupcake apron!!!! LOVE! <3

  4. What a lovely and playful design!!! I loooove it :) And cupcakes. Another thing to add to our "to-do-in-KC" list haha. So far, sushi + cupcakes. Yuuummm!

    Love you dear. Have a great Thursday!

  5. Nice work on the logo and color palette! I hope I get the opportunity to work with design and food too - two of my favorite passions. I love the cupcake liner trees!

  6. Mmh...now I wish I lived near her,too! I would snatch some up right away!
    Great design...looks amazing!

  7. Gorgeous! I am going to have to keep those cupcake trees in mind when it comes time to decorate next Christmas :)

  8. im visiting over from michabella and i think i just found a new blog to follow!! i LOVE the design that you created, it's sooo sweeet and beautiful!! and that cupcake tree thing is too cute!!!

  9. I love the right sidebar of the photo booth pictures thats too hilarious!! Oh and your blog design is amazing!! You are soo cool!

  10. I hope one day you really do get to design with Anthropologie!! and you did so great on her logo Lindsay!

  11. I looove cupcakes and I LOVE your design work!!!!Excellent work my friend!!!!!

  12. Such pretty design for such cute business idea! :) Good luck Michelle!
    xxx mervi

  13. You did a fabulous job with the cupcake logo! So adorable. I found you via the lovely Michelle and I'm loving your beautiful blog! xoxo

  14. Lindsay as always you continue to amaze me. Michelle's cupcake site is gorgeous! Great job :)