love letters - week one

hello lovelies!  i hope you had a beautiful weekend!  today is the first week of the love letters series for the month of february.  i would absolutely love for you to link up and share some of your love letters.  ones you have written, maybe a letter you wrote someone else or perhaps a letter that your mother wrote your father...anything goes there are no rules :) just link up those love letters you would like to share with all of us!

i was going through my matthew and lindsay box (do any of you lovebirds have this as well?!?) and came across a card that matthew had given me the first year we were dating...


Hey Hun,

I'm so glad you are back home!  I always know ow much you mean to me and how much I love you, but it's when I'm away from you that I realize it even more.  You mean absolutely everything to me.  There's never a moment gone by that you are not on my mind.  I love you so much!

From the moment you came into my life, I knew there was something special about you.  There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.  Your smile puts me at ease no matter what is on my mind.  When I look into my future, I always see you.  I never knew how much I could love somebody.  

I live to be with you, I breathe just to see you.  Words will never be able to tell you how much I love you.  You're my world, my heart and my soul.  You are the most beautiful person in the universe and I am so lucky to be with you!

I love you Lindsay!

Love always and Forever,

I can't wait to see yours :) have a beautiful day!  oh and don't forget to link up your love letters at for the love of blogs too!!

xo, lindsay

Hey all!  Just realized the link tool is not working even though a subscription has been paid for.  working on it now!  please leave a link to your love letters in the comments and i will add it to the bottom of this post so people can link up in the meantime!!

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  1. What a beautiful letter, he is good with words!! My husband and I have kept all of the emails we exchanged while we were dating...does that count? This is the second marriage for both of us, but we have known eachother our whole lives, we even dated when we were 18 and 19 years old...I wrote him letters then, but he can't find them. )o:


  2. This was so sweet! Matthew and I used to write letters in the first 2 years of our relationship (but they are in Maltese!). We haven't written one in ages. x

  3. beautiful letter!
    here is my love letter:

    peace. love. create.
    happy monday!

  4. What a beautiful letter!
    That is so so sweet! I wish my man wrote to me more, but he didn't. He's not really into writing. Even though I let him know how much it would mean to me. Maybe its because he's not really great at spelling (I blame it on the language barrier) he's probably embarrassed but I don't mind because I love him and that doesn't bother me haha.

    Oh sorry for rambling!
    Lots of love, Lindsay!

  5. How sweet!
    We have a Chrissy & Stefan box as well! Unfortunately I left it in our storage unit in Germany when we moved here! But I do have a journal here, I might find something! I will try to link up asap!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I definitely have a box too!

    Here's the link to my love letter:


  7. How precious that you wrote this to him!! I love how you are so sincere and honest with him! I know thats what men love!!

  8. WOW, this man REALLY loves you!!! Thank you for sharing this love letter with us!

  9. it just so happens that my "30 Days of Truth" post for today coincides with love letters!

  10. lovey ur love note from ur man! sweet stuff * * thanx for sharing ... happy to be ur newest follower ~ ~ ~

  11. Doesn't everyone have that box? lol What a beautiful letter!

  12. What an awesome twist, having a letter TO you instead of from you. I love it. You guys sound like such a wonderful couple! XO

  13. wait.. haha, ill be looking for my box now! im sure somebody must've written me fine words