grilled & shaked

there's nothing better than cooking dinner on the grill and then heading to sonic to get a delicious shake. 

on the menu tonight:

grilled asparagus
cheese stuffed mushrooms with garlic
sauteed onions and peppers
grilled chicken (for the hubs, i'm a vegetarian)
m&m sonic blast (matthew)
red velvet cake batter cheesecake shake (um hello, best thing ever)!  what was on your menu tonight?

have a beautiful evening all!  off to do some design :)  oh and stop on over at feed the birdies to see a guest post tutorial i did on how to make a grab button for your blog! XO, lindsay


  1. Yummy!! You two are so cute! ;)

  2. Okay...we have no Sonic's here in Canada..I am feeling very jealous...that Red Velvet is enough to make want to jump in the car & drive south!!!

  3. Looks delicious!!! I am going to have to get that recipe for stuffed mushrooms from you.

    Are you in a convertible?! Is it warm in Nebraska now? haha.

    P.S. You and the hubs are so stinking cute!! I love the first pictures! :D

  4. seems to me that you're in love with your camera! :)

    that din din looks so yummy! and I also want the stuffed mushroom recipe!

    I am hungry now, even though I ate dinner already!

    lots of love!

  5. It's fun that you are putting more pictures of yourself in your blog! I like getting to see the person behind the writing!

  6. I hate mushrooms. Yet you made them look delicious. :]

  7. The pictures of the two of you holding the fork and the knife is really adorable! x

  8. Didn't know you were a vegetarian, very cool!

  9. what a sweet blog you have!
    i'm an on again off again, but mostly always off, vegetarian.. my husband is pure carnivore.

    love me some veggies!