are you tweeting?

hello hello!!  hope you all are having a magical day :)  not too long ago on for the love of blogs we added a twitter list (go check it out here and add yourself to it if you haven't already) so we could all tweet with each other!  i thought i would add a link list here too because if you have twitter and i don't know about it...we need to fix that asap :)

i never in a million years thought i would use twitter...it has turned into one of my favorite things to use and check throughout the day!  i want to tweet with all of you and maybe you can make new twitter friends from this list too!  so link up to your twitter account peeps :) it would make me so happy! XO, lindsay

ps i have a new little design to share with you later today that i created for a special lady!


  1. Yay for tweets! I'm growing to like it more and more, and you my friend are my favorite tweet-pal ;) Hih! I thought I'd add my personal twitter account, because I use it a bit more regularly.

    xxx mervi

    Ps. My Spanish souvenirs are up :)

  2. Great idea!! I love tweeting with everyone!

  3. I love me some twitter! I just need to tweet more often. ;)

  4. I added everyone that was on the FTLOB twitter list! I just it way more than FB

  5. I can't wait to see Michelle's design! Woohoo :)


  6. I didnt picture myself becoming a twitter addict either but here I am lol. And I cant believe I wasnt following you til today! Could have sworn I was! :)

  7. I haven't been to your blog in quite some time. I miss ya and will catch up on your previous posts now.

    Hope you have a lovely evening, Lindsay! ♥

  8. ok! I'm signed up and trying it out... @feedthebirdies

  9. I don't know whether I should use my Twitter or not! NONE and I mean NON of my friends use it, so it would pretty much be my blogging friends and I! So maybe I'll give it a try. Going to add you right now!!