♥ you've got mail ♥

happy monday my lovelies!  i hope your first monday of 2011 is off to a wonderful start ♥

this is just a brief post to let all of you know that if you sent me an email sometime this weekend, you now have mail because i am finally all caught up!

i am beyond amazed about how many inquiries i received in regards to the in her shoes feature and i am so excited to see all of your beautiful responses!  if you missed this post just click here to check it out.  some of you that emailed me were concerned that there were not enough "spots" to get in and let me just say that this feature is never ending.  although you may have to wait a little bit to be featured, in her shoes is here to stay!

also, to all of my pen pals out there.  i promise i am getting to your letters and they will be in the mailbox by wednesday!

have a magical day lovelies! ♥ - lindsay


  1. you should be getting your pen pal item from me soon... the first mailing went out over the weekend.. keep your eyes peeled ♥

  2. I love your new look Lindsay! So very pretty :) Your in her shoes feature sounds interesting! Can't wait to read all the posts! ♥
    Xo Mervi

  3. Thanks for the email, Lindsay! Hope you had a great weekend:-)

  4. I just sent you an email...you are filled with so many amazing ideas!


  5. i agree with angie on maui!! You have some of the greatest ideas...and I love that we get to enjoy them! :) You'll be seeing me in your inbox in just a minute :)

  6. you are pretty stinkin' amazing... how you manage all this amazes me my dear!!!!!!!!

    love ya!

  7. Got my email today! Thanks so much for arranging this awesome feature! I'll be getting back to you very soon with my answers! :)

  8. YES! I got mine today and I am going to work on it tonight! I'm also very happy to hear that so many people were interested. It's a great idea and should be supported! Women all over the world deserve this kind of recognition.

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  9. very cool the pen pal idea i had forgotten meant to send my address need to do that

  10. I just keep loving this blog more and more. It's like a destination! Your ideas are wonderful, inspiring and empowering all at once ♥

    Can't wait for my snail mail to arrive *down
    under* xo