a tip and request to my lovely followers!!!

hello lovelies!  i hope you all had a fabulous week and i'm wishing for you a magical weekend :)

okay, so i know my posts usually consist of pretty little pictures...unless you think the blogger dashboard is beautiful i am sorry to tell you that this post is not going to be filled with lovely things, BUT it does have a good tip that i know some of you will appreciate!

i have noticed that a lot of my followers do not display their blog link in their profile.  when i notice a new follower the first thing i want to do is see their pretty space and i am soon disappointed when i have no way of getting there.  so today i am going to show you in just a few simple steps how to do it.

this is a screen shot of my profile.  i am going to show you how to add your own blog like pictured above to your own profile

first go to your blogger dashboard and select "edit profile"

once you are in the edit user profile area click on "select blogs to display"

here you will see a list of all of your blogs check mark the ones you would like to be visible on your public profile.  save your settings!!

and you're all done!  check your profile to make sure it updated correctly!

so to all my followers, go check out your profile and make sure your blogs are showing up out there.  you want people you follow to be able to see your blog too!

if you have any questions just shoot me an email or a comment.  also, if any of you have any other blogger related questions feel free to ask me and i can do more tutorials.

have a nice evening!

xoxo - lindsay


  1. Lindsay you are SO helpful. Props to you girl!!

  2. Awesome tutorial! I had to double check my profile to make sure my blog was visible (it was!) ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. THANK YOU!! for showing people this because I can't stand when they comment and I can't comment back because I have no idea where their blog is :D

  4. Great tutorial and thank you, I hope many people see this and check their profiles to make sure their blog link is shown!!

    Have a magical night beautiful!

  5. You are such a gem, Lindsay- I have been so sad that I can't see followers blogs because they dont have theres listed- so sweet of you to help everyone out!

  6. Will do! Thanks for the tip! I like to be able to find people's blogs this way too, but I never thought to make sure my own appeared!

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  7. I already display my blog but I do the same thing when I see a new follower: check out their blog. I get really frustrated when I can't find it.

  8. thank you for this tutorial. the first thing i do when i gain a new follower is click on their image to get to their blog, and it's so frustrating when there's no link directing me there. i'm sure many will find this helpful. now i'm going to make sure that mine works the way it's supposed to.

  9. Great idea of doing this! I hate when someone follows and I can't check out the blog. It's the first thing I do when someone new follows.

  10. Thanks for the tip! I realized that while I find people's blogs this way all the time, I didn't have my settings set up properly. With your tutorial and a few minutes, I am all set. Thanks again! :)

  11. Thanks so much for this. New to blogging and didn't realise I didn't even have a profile let alone a link! Sorted now!

  12. Great tip Lindsay!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Very helpful!!!Thank you Lindsayyyyy