sunday spotlight...on monday!

good morning friends!  i didn't have the opportunity to post my sunday spotlight yesterday so i thought...it's better a day late than never :)


my best friend jules have you met the lovely ladies behind this blog? mervi and helena have such an eye for pretty things and every day i look forward to all the loveliness that they are going to share.  i love their girl crush feature that they have every sunday and their jewelry i ♥  every time i head over i know i'm sure to see something i absolutely love!

happy kathy my goodness, i just adore kathy!  her positivity and outlook on life is just amazing.  her name says it all :) she is also very talented....her jewelry creations are absolutely stunning and don't even get me started on her rings!  she resides in greece...hello....beautiful!  her pictures are always filled with such charm and delight...it's like sunshine over in her corner :) i love it!

the fancy flea oh this girl is so fun!  and i just love seeing all of her beautiful day to day pictures.  lauren is so kind hearted and you can so clearly see it through all of her wonderful posts.  this lovely is from australia too so i knew her and i were going to really get along :)

sealverland if you have not met sands...you need to stop over pronto....this lady is super cool and i adore her what's cool and what's not posts!  whenever i need a good laugh i know i can find it in her corner of the blogging universe.  she never disappoints...ever :) not to mention she is one stylish chick!!

deer little fawn i just came across this blog this last week...this lady is super talented and the sight of her blog instantly made me happy!  from the bright colors to the wee little deer :) beth is an artist as well.  the first post i saw from her were beautiful pictures that she had created and painted...instantly fell in love!  i can't wait to see more from her too!


i hope you enjoy these lovelies as much as i do!  have a beautiful monday.  if you missed my create something project post from yesterday click here to check it out...hint: you'll see a pretty window display :) (well as pretty as it can get when the pictures are  taken with an iphone!)


  1. Thanks for introducing these fabulous ladies! I already know some of them but I will go and visit the others right now!
    Happy Monday xxx

  2. Tons of new blogs for me to check out! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ladies with us!! I hope you have a wonderful day friend!

  3. Aaaaaaa thank you soooo much my lovely Lindsay!!!!You are a treasure really!!!!!
    Loooove you!!!!xe

  4. Aw what a beautiful surprise! I'm so flattered, thank you ever so much! I love your blog too! :D

  5. P.S. I was so exited I have blogged about this here: http://deerlittlefawn.blogspot.com/2011/01/lovely-surprises.html :)x


    I was already following a few of them before but now they are all on my blog roll. Thanks pretty! Hope you are going 54864574 times better :)

    Love ya!

  7. They're so inspirational. I'm a big fan of all of them. :)

  8. Oh my gosh! I feel famous! Thank you so much dear heart ♥

  9. Thanks love! You're such a sweetheart and we love you to bits! :)
    Xxx mervi