sunday spotlight

hello friends.  i hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

i have decided to dedicate my sunday posts to something a little different....i call it sunday spotlight.  every sunday i will highlight a few blogs that i have recently discovered that i think you should check out too!

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victoria of garden of eden designs - this lady is so inspirational and i am just so happy that her and i crossed paths a few weeks ago.  her vision is so unique and creative.  every day i find myself looking forward to what she'll be sharing next.  she recently unveiled a project she calls "create something" i can't wait to get started...i think you all should check it out too!

danielle of positively positive - the name speaks for itself.  danielle is such a breath of fresh air and i always enjoy the positive vibes she throws out there to the world.  anyone that has a feature that is called silly face saturday gets an A+ in my book.  if you are looking for a little more positivity in your life go give her a visit.

hello again vintage shop

grace of hello again vintage - oh my this girl has some fabulous taste.  from the beautiful collection in her shop i can tell that her and i would have a blast thrifting together.  each post is filled with so many lovely pieces that i wish i had in my own personal collection.  her space is just so magical...in love...i think you will be too ♥

liz of chanel and chocolate cake - this lady is seriously the sweetest...anyone that is willing to just send you a book by mail so you can read it is the best!!  thank you again friend :) (by the way it is water for elephants...still haven't had a moment to pick it up yet...keeping my fingers crossed for this week).  

her little corner of the world is filled with so much emotion.  she is very true to herself and shares what same may consider personal and private.  i admire her openness and she helps me realize that it is okay not to be perfect.

amber of i love you to the moon - i was introduced to this sweet lady by liz (the girlie i just shared with you all) a few weeks ago.  when i visited i knew i was going to love her.  from her positive outlook on life to her amazing tattoo collection (we all know i love skin art!)...she's my kind of gal.  not to mention i just found out that we both have great danes :)

her posts are filled with so much charm, from cute pictures to stylish outfits...she is always sure to please!

i hope the rest of your evening is nothing less than magical :) xo-lindsay


  1. Thanks for sharing the links, I will surely check them out.

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I feel so thankful for being included in this. You are amazing and get on that book!!!! hah. (You have until April 15!!! the day the movie comes out!)

  3. Thanks for including my blog, Lindsay! I can't believe I haven't visited some of the other blogs that you've mentioned. I'm definitely going to show all of them some love too.

  4. Those are some awesome ladies you featured here! I already knew sweet Danielle and Grace, but I will definitely have to check out the others!
    Thanks for this post - you have such great ideas!
    Hope your weekend was magical as well!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Thank you for sharing these fine ladies!!

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my blog!! And its among some other great blogs! This is such an honor! Love you Lindsay!!! :D
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Wow, you totally made my night. Thanks so much for all the sweet words. So happy to have met you!
    Wish our Danes could have a puppy play date! :]


  8. I LOVE this, thanks for the new blog recs!

  9. Love the new feature! It's so fun to look through new blogs!

  10. I love that you are doing this, because knowing your impeccable taste all of these blogs are bound to be awesome! Can't wait to check them out. Hope you had a great weekend, Linds!

  11. Hey designer lady! I was already following on google so i followed on twitter too - as im on the hop and all! Thanks for the introductions here - i have see a couple I think - on hops - but ill pop by and say hi right now. Have a great monday Lindsay! Shah. X

  12. thanks for sharing - i love discovering new blogs.

    going to take a look at them all now!

    your blog is lovely :)


  13. thank you for sharing these lovelies...i am always on the lookout for new blogs to love.

  14. Thanks for sharing all these lovely blogs. I too insanely adore "I love you to the moon"!

  15. I'm so glad you shared these--they are wonderful!

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Water for Elephants :)

  16. this feature makes me smile:) what better place than the blogosphere to encourage, uplift, and spotlight some fabulous blogs? you're a gem, lindsay!

  17. How fun! It's nice to have someone share lovely blogs, that way you get to "meet" more awesome people without having to hunt them online yourself! Thanks Lindsay!!!