so i was catching up on some reads today and i came across a fabulous post by the lovely kelsey of eat drink be a tourist called "my current life" i liked it so much i decided to share a few of my recent things as well ♥

eating/drinking: whole wheat pasta, water

listening to: a lot of dave matthews and florence & the machine.  i like to listen to music like this while i'm designing ♥

pondering: how much longer it will be until i can design full time and open up a little scenic glory shop ♥ i have so many ideas and just can't wait to get started!

wearing: a pair of buckle jeans with bling on the pockets, a green military style sweater jacket, a floral handkerchief style top underneath, brown lace heeled shoes, and cute owl earrings :)

anticipating: my date with matthew tomorrow.  we took the whole day off to travel to omaha, eat at pf changs, and go antique shopping.

baking: haha that's all i can say.  i really would like to learn...matthew just likes to cook and bake so much i don't want to take away his fun!

reading: a sweet follower of mine saw i wanted to read water for elephants and i just got it in the mail from her yesterday...how sweet is that?  i can't wait to curl up by the fireplace and get this one started.

loving: how i am finally moving in the right direction.  so long i spent trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my life.  i can happily say i am taking the steps neccessary to get where i want to be...it's so exciting!

buying: hopefully a few pretty things tomorrow :) i ♥ vintage things!

what's on your list?  if you decide to share let me know so i can come and see.  little random facts are my favorite thing to read ever!



  1. your outfit sounds so cute! how about a picture so we can all see. :) dates are so much fun. i hope tomorrow is great and that you find some awesome finds. hehehe. i will write my list tonight.

  2. This was really interesting ... maybe I'll do a similar post tomorrow :)

    Just googled Omaha, and it looks wonderful! Have fun tomorrow :) x

  3. http://allthingschula.com/2011/01/currently.html
    I posted my currents! what a sweet idea! thanks!

  4. I agree with Grace!! Sounds like you're looking hot today girlie!!! :) And how nice to take the day off for a date!!! I have a randoms post here... http://bit.ly/f8oKfR

  5. I love this idea!! Great great idea! I might use this!:D And your outfit sounds really cute! And the date night tomorrow night sounds wonderful! I wish the hubs and I could have a date night tomorrow night, but I work midnights tomorrow and all weekend. Boo!


  6. Okay so when you open up your scenic glory design shop and make tons of money you are going to hire me right? :)

  7. Aww thanks love, I added you to my Daily Reads list cause I don't have a Blog Love page yet! x

  8. so fun. the outfit sounds pretty darn cute!

  9. How fun! I am playing!!

  10. This just put a smile on my face! You have so much positive energy radiating off of you :)

  11. YAY I love your list :) and random facts are totes my fav too!! PS did you know you are on my "blogs i love" page? Just though you should know, because I totally love you!!! xoxo

  12. I love Kelsey's blog--so I loved seeing this post from you! I'm also anticipating a date with the hubby tomorrow...too bad I can't get a whole day with him! Jealous! Have so much fun! xoxo {av}

  13. I love your taste in music!


  14. That's a very cool post! I love knowing more about bloggers!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  15. I hope your wish to design full time comes soon. What a great dream.
    I am a new follower from the blog hop and am inviting you to follow back.

  16. I love these kinds of posts from you, Lindsay- I want to sit next to you all day just to see what you do (in a totally non creepy way at all...but no matter what it kinda comes off creepy...sorry! ha) I am so glad you are going in the right direction, and you will get there soon enough! I agree that there is nothing better than knowing what you want to do with your life! And thanks for asking, I am doing great- on a 2-week break from school but still incredibly busy (how does that happen?) Love you, girl!

  17. Great post! Loving the music and the outfit!
    Date night sounds like heaven (think I might need to organize a babysitter...) and moving in the right direction is awesome!

  18. I love lists, so I filled it out too:)
    P.S. I am so with you on the baking thing. I could possibly be good at it.. but I will leave that up to the people who already know how to bake not-burnt-cookies.

  19. What kind of design shop would you open? That sounds very cute and fun :) I have been so out of the blogosphere; I really have to catch up on all your lovely posts.