name that design contest!

hello friends!  i have been working hard this weekend designing pretty little things and today i am happy to announce that scenic glory will now be offering premade/customizable templates click here to view the current templates that i am offering!

to kick things off i am going to hold a contest.  i have created this template...

and this is where you come in ♥  leave me a comment below with the most creative name you can think of for this template...if you have more than one that's awesome just add another comment...there is no limit! i will look at all of the names people have contributed and will pick my number one favorite on Sunday, January 16th.

if your name is the one i choose, not only will i use this name for the template, you will WIN the template as well!  so get thinking and leave me as many names as you would like!  i can't wait to see what you all come up with :)

here are a few snapshots of the other templates i created.  you can view all the details here


  1. they are all so lovely! you certainly have been working hard my dear!
    some name suggestions: (1) poppy paradise. (2) a touch of color. (3) an imagination's dream.

    peace. love. create.
    i also have a contest going on my page if you would like to check it out:

  2. Oh Lindsay - you've done an amazing job with these templates! :) My favorite is Vanilla Sky and the template without a name. I will have to brainstorm a little bit for the names - so I'll be back for that!

    xxx mervi

  3. i love all of these actually, i need to download some brushes..

  4. These are gorgeous! My suggestions are ... Floral Empire, Blooming Creations and Blossoming Era :) x

  5. Bouquet of Inspiration
    An Artist Meadow
    Quiet Dreams

  6. These are all so pretty. The unnamed one reminds me so much of my community garden. My suggestion is Emily Dickinson inspired: Where Summer Strives. Have a great day!



  7. your just peaches and cream aren't you! love this! i pick ......Sweet Nothings for my #1

  8. #2.....These Simple Pleasures ;)

  9. #3........Love is....Magical ;)

  10. #7......In These Moments♥

  11. #8.......Blissful Blossoms

    I'm sure I'll be back for more! I want your prettiness all over my personal site! ♥ Muahhh Enjoy your day

  12. What beautiful work. Not sure why but the first thing that came to my mind was First Spring.

  13. 1. Catcher of Dreams
    2. fields of Thoughts
    3. Hope Springs Forth

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  15. 1. ...Thinking of you...
    2. Painting Thought Away
    3. Petals of Whimsy

    This blog is marvellous! This blog is so full of happiness.

  16. Wow, I really love all of your work!!
    I am from Germany, so I would give it a German name : Sommerwiese (summer meadow)! Gorgeous!

  17. 1. the grey begins to fade
    2. quietly beautiful
    3. all the love
    4. grace
    5. in the morning air

    xxx mervi :)

  18. Sorry I meant
    Painting Thoughts Away

  19. Another one :) .. Fleur Delight x

  20. I love stuff like this and was once very active in a project that named novels! So, I will give this a try...

    1. Purple Posies!
    2. Words of Growth
    3. Sunflowers, Zinnias, and Peonies, Oh My!
    4. Nature's Paint
    5. Watermark
    6. Bloomin' to Life

    That's all I have for now! I'll talk to ya later!

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  23. What a gorgeous template. It reminds me of a beautiful sunset. I was thinking you could name it "sunset soon forgotten" (one of my favorite Iron and Wine songs). I'm going to keep thinking and send you any other ideas I come up with.

  24. In keeping with your "garden" theme from the previous templates you created, I would like to add:

    "Garden Escape"

    as a suggestion for the name!

  25. hannah says pretty little posies

  26. faded beauty:)

    I think your work is beautiful!!