floral empire - $5 template special

hello lovelies!  so i have something fun to share and also a have a small favor to ask of all of you!

as most of you probably know, i offer blog design services and recently added pre-made customizable templates to the mix.  currently i am working to incorporate new templates ranging from $10 to $20 and plan to add more on a weekly basis to keep things fresh!

starting today i will be offering a $5 template of the week and each week i will offer a brand new design.

this weeks template is...

floral empire

the foral empire template includes the header with the blog name of your choice as well as the background design.  this template can fit any blogger template whether it be a 2 or 3 column design.  once design is purchased i will contact you to get blog name you would like on the banner and i will send you the files for the design.

a few lovely ladies have already incorporated this template into their blog, you can see the empire floral design on gertrude's pretty space bows and pearls  and also leigh's corner beneath the willow trees

so this is where i need your help....what type of template designs would you like to see scenic glory offer?  any information you can provide as far as themes, colors, shapes...anything.  i need your inspiration :)

have a magical day friends! ♥lindsay


  1. yay i love that your templates are so affordable. seriously $5 dollars, that's like pretty a present. ;) um... a few ideas would be pinks, bright cheery colors, vintage/rustic themes. i'm sure anything you make will be so preetie. :)

  2. i think something french inspired would be totally cute.

  3. "pretty a present" yeah... hahaha. what i mean to say is that that's like a present. sorry i'm running on very little sleep.

  4. Amazing work gorgeous!

    How about something oceany/beachy. Waves, lighthouses, boats on the water, sea shells, a bird or two, etc...the possibilities are endless ;) - I'd snatch something like that right up, but thats the ocean lover in me... :)

  5. very pretty! great job, lindsay!

  6. Beautiful work lady! I defiantly want to chat with you sometime for a new blog design.


  7. Love your work!
    I didn't know if you do awards, but I awarded you with the stylish blogger award!

  8. Great idea and love your work.. beautiful

  9. I'm in love with my new blog template. A steal of a deal at $5! Thanks Lindsay!!

  10. this is gorgeous.

    & no need to worry about the dissappearance (im too lazy to look up the spelling too. gee, we sound sophisticated.) love you, lovely lady!

  11. Looks great! I'm contemplating having you design me a special blog template but Im not sure what I'm looking for just yet :)

  12. Pretty design, again. I'll spread the word. :)

  13. beautiful template!

    only just discovered your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. do drop by mine too when you have some time, perhaps we can follow each other/ :)


  14. that is lovely! i'm just starting to get into web/blog/graphic design myself. i just did my first paying design job the other day and i was SO excited to collect my $20.
    BUT the bad thing is, if i don't get enough clients in a week, i'll go to re-designing my own blog. my poor blog has been redesigned about 43 times. i'm not kidding.