dear 2011

dear 2011,

i just wanted to let you know that you have very big shoes to fill.  2010 was one of the best years of my life, but i know that if we work together we can make 2011 just as magical. 

i am really looking forward to the memories that we will share together.  i promise to capture these moments in photos so that i will be able to look back and remember exactly what happened this year.  i will cherish my loved ones even more than years before and be the best friend that i can be.  i will take the time to love myself every single day...this has been difficult for me in past, but this year i know i can do it.

we have a long road ahead of us and i look forward to the scenic route that we will take together.

thank you for taking on this challege with me.  i know as long as we have each others back everything will be alright.

your second half

p.s. 2010 wishes you the best of luck ♥


  1. I just love this :) Thank you for making me smile this morning my dear!

  2. So much more inspiring than a list of "I'm going to do's" Thank you.

  3. That's beautiful. I am hoping for a better year in 2011 as well, but it's had quite the rocky start for me so we'll just have to see.

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  4. I love this... and I'm probably going to write a letter to 2011 on my blog now! Thanks for the inspiration... and that's awesome that you have a good year behind you and a great one ahead of you!


  5. I love this! My 2010 wasn't that great, but my 2011, I've already decided it's going to be wonderful!

  6. This is so sweet! Loved reading it and so glad I found your blog through your sponsor button over at Nicole Jeanette's!

    Hugs xxx


  7. I hope 2011 gets your message and fills 2010's big shoes :) I visit often, but don't always get the chance to comment. However...I have left you bit of appreciation at No.7. Thanks for your beautiful blog!

  8. such a sweet letter! i hope 2011 fills those shoes and beyond! :)