the suitcase for life - part v

1.  a. The act or process of motivating.
     b. The state of being motivated.
2. Something that motivates; an inducement or incentive.

i have realized over the years that nothing comes easy...life requires some motivation and in the end when you add this to the mix, it really is worth it!  this is why motivation is a necessary item to pack in my suitcase for life. 

there are so many situations that cross our life path, many that we can not control.  sometimes these things start to wear on us and begin to bring us down...but you can stop this!  i find with a little motivation anything is possible.  my opportunities are endless...it's time to move mountains.

what's in your suitcase for life? 

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xoxo - lindsay


  1. This post makes my heart happy! Brilliant choice to add to the suitcase! Noboday said it would be easy, but it really is worth it no matter the obsticle, the ups or the downs.

    Have a lovely day darling!


  2. you're a doll.
    thanks for boosting my spirits today with your sweet words!

    lots of love.


  3. I need some major motivation right now.. thanks love! another amazing post, as always :)

  4. love the quote. love the post. LOVE the idea of having a "suitcase for life." love that it stems from your sweet Grandpa's graduation talk :)

  5. This is such a precious post. You have done it again, Ms. Lindsay:-) Love that quote.

  6. I wish I would have read this yesterday... i needed major motivation in getting my English paper written...

    Still love the post though. :)

  7. i am in love with every quote you post!! they are all in my little quote collection :)

  8. I love that quote. Perfect for me right now!

  9. ah that quote was just what i needed! i love your sweet blog, it always makes me smile!