my list of fours ♥

i am a tad bit overdue on this post, but i really wanted to spend some time on this one! i have been asked to share my list of fours by two lovely and fabulous blogger friends of mine!

courtney of vintch and melissa of perfect peace
if you have not visited them you must stop by and say hello! these women are absolutely fantastic and each of their blogs brings such happiness into my world! here is my list of fours :)

four shows i watch

1. the amazing race - matthew and i have made it a sunday night ritual to watch this awesome show and learn all of the tricks (as well as all of the mistakes). we plan to try out for this show once casting opens up...we thought it would be a great way to kick off our first year of marriage :) now all we need to do is be selected!! (that should be easy right?)

2. survivor - this is the first season that we have actually watched all of the episodes thus far for this show. to me it is mindless entertainment, but i like watching how people think and react to certain situations. it's pretty interesting.

3. la ink - sadly this show has gotten to be more about the drama than the actual art of the tattoo, but regardless i still watch it. i love listening to the stories and the meaning behind someones tattoo and of course the actual art of it. i think it is amazing what these artists are capable of doing...it's truly amazing.

4. what would you do? - this show is just so eye opening. all of the situations that they present make me really question what i would do in that particular situation. i really think it has changed how i would react in a real life scenario. if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend it...it really makes you question yourself. so many times i watch that show and wonder...what would i do?

four things i'm passionate about:
1. i am really passionate about my decision to be a vegetarian. i have referenced this fact about myself a few times in my blog. this year marks my 5th year of being a vegetarian and i am so happy about this life changing decision.

2. my creativity. every day i try to push myself to do a little bit more. learn something new to better myself and take advantage of this talent that i have. when i first started college i really struggled with trying to figure out what i wanted to do. i chose to go into business because it seemed like a good field. then one day i decided enough was enough, i just wasn't happy. i called my school counselor and said "i'm changing my major, i want to go into graphic design." and that was that. i had my first class that same night and i have been smiling ever since :)

3. my new home i have found here with all of you. i first started following blogs when matthew and i first got engaged. i was searching for inspiration for our wedding and during my search i found so many amazing blogs...i couldn't read enough! i always knew about blogs, but never really took the time to find them and see what they were all about. once matthew and i were married i found i had a lot of extra time on my hands since i was no longer planning. so then scenic glory was born...and i couldn't be any happier!

4. my love for my family and friends. i am the person i am today because of the amazing people that i have in my life. my heart is always smiling and i am always reminded that everything is going to be okay! the special bond that i have with matthew is beyond words. but what i love most is how we both know what each other is thinking without saying a thing. he has taught me to live simply, not take things for granted, and most importantly to let loose and enjoy this ride that is our life together.

here is a picture of us during our first dance. we shocked everybody with our own version of the evolution of dance!! (video coming soon)

four phrases i say a lot

1. "it is what it is." - i really try not to get too stressed out by any situation. if i can't control it, i just let it go, because it is what it is :)

2. "hello party people!!" and "goodbye party people!!" - i have no idea where i got this from, i just started saying it and it seemed to make people laugh and put them in a good mood so it stuck.

3. "what ev" - kind of like whatever but it's just cooler to say it this way! another example of trying not to let things get to me.

4. "that's what she said" - sadly i am a little addicted to this phrase. i don't even watch the office (i think this is where this is from?!?) but my good friend uses this term all the time, so i followed...shame on me for being a follower...but it does make for some good laughs!
four things i've learned from the past:

1. it does stink to get your heart broken, but there really is always light at the end of the tunnel

2. life is short. one day a loved one is there and the next they can be gone. so it really is important not to take things for granted.

3. that i really can make a difference. no matter how small it may be, i really am capable of making a difference in someone's life.

4. happiness is contagious. i think we should all pass it on!!
four places i'd like to go:
1. india (hmm for some reason i think most of you know this!!)
2. australia to see the ocean...i've heard it's really beautiful.
3. new zealand
4. greece

four things i did yesterday:
please keep in mind that i have been sick and unfortunately had to spend my day inside yesterday :(
1. designed some wedding albums for a photographer
2. worked on some graphic design elements for a few blogs
3. looked through the newest urban outfitters catalog that we got in the mail
4. took a much needed nap...5 nights of coughing myself to sleep has not been the greatest

four things i'm looking forward to:
1. getting out of this house!! i'm going a little nuts :)
2. working on the new window display for stella this week!!
3. making a big difference in someones life!
4. spending this next year remodeling and decorating our home!

four things i love about winter:
1. the very first snowfall...i love how everything glistens
2. snuggling up under a blanket next to the fireplace with a hot chocolate in hand
3. getting together and catching up with family that we have not seen for some time
4. the celebration of a new year. i love a fresh new slate!!

wowza!! that got a little lengthy folks sorry about that :) i'd really love to learn a little bit more about some of the lovely new people that i have started to follow...won't you please share your four things with us?!?

kendra of a grimm tale
pia of odds and ends
shalyn of laugh until your cheeks hurt
heidi of bonour lovely
jessica of memoirs of a melodramatic

can't wait to read your responses!!

have a magical weekend lovelies!
xo lindsay


  1. haha, i love that you are addicted to that's what she said. hilarious. i think my love of that phrase especially stems from the office. and this is so nice to know more about you!

    i love that dancing picture. you clearly have such a passion for life, miss. and the lengthiness was good! it was a fun fun read.

    i hope your saturday is going great! :)

  2. What a great post! I have been wanting to watch that show "What would you do" and now I have to dvr it for sure. And you HAVE to oust that wedding dance video!!

  3. You are so lovely, thanks so much for the tag! I can't wait to participate!

    So much to say~

    1. What would you do is indeed an amazing show. Everyone should watch it and evaluate
    2.I think it is really neat that you are a vegetarian. So admirable.
    3. Hurry up and post that video of your dance. Seriously cant wait to see it
    4.I say "thats what she said" ALL.THE.TIME. But you really need to watch The Office! Its amazing
    5. I love the places you picked to visit

    Have a great day!

  4. Haha! My boyfriend, his roommate, and I always compete to see who can come up with "that's what she said" the fastest when the opportunity arises.

  5. OH I just loved this so much! great job, girl! Two tidbits:

    1. when i first read that one of your favorite shows was "what would you do?" i immediately thought it was the nickelodeon show i used to love! haha:) the one you meant is so much better:)

    2. i say "whatev" all the time. i mean ALL the time. that should have been one of my phrases, come to think of it:)

    you are super fabulous--hialready knew that but this post certainly reminded me:)

  6. This is such a cute post - I enjoyed reading all you lists. I used to watch LA ink all the time when I was home on maternity leave - love it! And my goodness - that is one of the coolest/cutest wedding pics I've ever seen! Have a lovely weekend! xx Marisa

  7. Haha. Im addicted to the saying "your mom" I know, so immature and I know that. Yet. I always say it! I'll never understand that. haha
    I really liked your life lessons, they are so true. I also love that picture of you and your husband from your wedding! Haha that is so awesome. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. I love la ink as well and I can't wait to see your wedding dance!! Hurry hurry - post it!!


  9. Fun post! My and the big guy hope Jane wins survivor. We can't believe the tattoo couple are still in the the amazing race...he's a total dick.

    I can't wait to see the video of the wedding dance!

    And lastly, I'm super jealous you got a nap today. I was so hoping extra time would appear so I could do the same.

  10. I'll definitely post my list of fours! Thank you for tagging me.

    The dancing picture of you looks awesome. I'm really looking forward to the video! ;)

  11. I hopped on over her from Shay's Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt...and I adore your blog! I really enjoyed getting to know you by reading these answers... I love that you want to go to India, how fantastic would that be?? And I think it's pretty neat that you're a graphic designer...it's very apparent, your blog is just lovely <3