my life like a maple seed

i have been released...i am floating and gliding in the air.  spinning in circles.  to some it may look like i am out of control, but i am not...i just go where the wind wants to take me.  i seek adventure and excitement and anticipate that my journey will lack neither.  i will enjoy this scenic route and appreciate all of the glory that surrounds me.

soon i will touch the ground, but i know this will not be the end.  i will always let my spirit take flight...just like that of a maple seed.


  1. I just stopped over from "for the love of blogs" and love yours!! I love the adventure and freedom that you write about in your blog!

    xo Marcie

  2. life is really beautiful and we just have to live it to its fullest. i think we are all little maple seeds. :)

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  4. what a beautifully inspiring post. <3

  5. Can I just say, I LOVE your blog :) That's all :)

  6. I always get such a burst of lightness when I read your posts. Thank you, Lindsay!