bohemian inspiration

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i recently was asked a question on formspring and i thought i would share it all with you today.  the question was:

where do you get your style inspiration?  i love your hat you wore in your wedding pictures!

first off thank you for the lovely compliment :) i really loved that birdcage veil/hat too! 

i find that my style inspiration is an open door...so many things speak to me and i like to change up my look frequently.  recently i have really been inspired by the bohemian styling.  i love all of the layers, the prints are so eclectic and i can't get enough of that fringe.  the look is so airy and free.  if i had all the money in the world to spend i would buy every piece that free people has.

i look forward to getting my new camera soon because i definitely plan on sharing a weekly look book of some of my favorite pieces that i wear throughout the week.  i promise it's coming soon!

so what is your style inspiration?  i'd love to hear!!

i love new questions so be sure to shoot some my way using that nifty little box on my right sidebar.  or better yet visit my formspring account here and get started too!  it's such a fun way to get to know each other.

have a magical day my friends ♥


  1. i loooove saying have a magical day. probably my favorite saying. also, obsessed with free people. now i just need to make a million dollars so i can afford everything. ha!

    welp, off to visit your formspring and learn more about the fabulous you! :) happy sunday

  2. Ugh, I would SO buy everything at free people if I could afford it!

  3. i'm obsessed with free people.

    ♥ this.

  4. Lindsay, your comment on my blog made me day. You are so sweet! After you mentioned going to Australia I had visions of doing a huge blogger meetup in Australia! It would be so fun to meet all you fabulous and awe-inspiring ladies I have met via blogspot! Love your style and love this post. Take care!

  5. i love this look. it's fun to try new things with style. ps, my button link on your blog didn't work when i clicked it, just thought i'd let ya know! hope your weekend was fun!

  6. cool pictures! love the outfits. x

  7. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Can you say obsessed? I love every single one of those pictures!

    I'm lovin your blog girl!

  8. This is so great! I can't wait for the Look Book! My style is kinda just average right now it's nothing special haha.

  9. I love all of those images!! :))
    I wish I was cool enough to be boho-fabulous

  10. Holy cow your blog's wicked. Following you immediately! And I wouldn't know how to describe my style, I like a lot of different things but I'm never really daring, I don't wear bold colors (like hot pink), I mostly like neutrals. I go all-out boho in the summer, miss it!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment by the way! And if you're getting a new camera you should definitely get that photography book!
    kiss kiss bang bang

  11. Ok these pictures are to die for! I'm gonna have to agree with the previous comment. Your blog is bomb, and I'm following too.

  12. What a beautiful set of pictures. Your blog is a very pretty place! I'd love to do more of a bohemian look myself but it seems like a "summery, no shoes, napping in grass" kind of look....no shoes in the snow may be tough...


  13. That first picture on top is amazing.

  14. I love the bohemian style! I wish there was a fun way to incorporate it into the winter. xoxo