wednesday wishes

the oh so lovely brooke with bright wishes has a series on her blog called wednesday wishes. i was inspired by this idea and am sharing a few wishes that i have.

i wish that i received more handwritten letters and postcards. i think they are such a nice surprise and i absolutely love getting these little beauties in the mail.

i wish that i could be a bird sometimes...i'm always curious about what these little guys are talking about up there on those power lines.

i wish matthew and i could live in this beautiful teepee for a little while. there's something so magical about teepee's...i want one :) if you didn't see the cute little fort created by john and rachel with tunes&spoons you must check it out pronto!

i wish i could fly in the air via helium balloons...this may be a little crazy, but i think it would be such an adventure

i wish i could wear a crown every day (without people looking at me funny) because i think they are so pretty. also if i could sparkle while i am wearing it that would be fantastic ♥

i wish i could spend an entire day outside reading books. unfortunately it is getting chilly here in lincoln, ne so i believe i will need to wait until next year. oh well, i could always snuggle up by the fireplace...that would be nice too!

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what are your wednesday wishes?

goodbye for now ♥


  1. I wish I was camping right now like the couple in picture number 3!!

    I love all the pics though. You always post such great ones!!

  2. YAY! I love your Wednesdsay Wishes! Tunes & Spoons fort is soooo cool! I wish we could wear crowns too. That'd be amazing :)

  3. ohhh i share your teepee dreams. i so wish i could do that.

    these photos are gorgeous! and i always wonder why birds hang out on power lines. :)

  4. so pretty :) i love the bird comment. my wednesday wish [even though it is now thursday] is for snow