to dream or not to dream?

there is no denying that i am a dreamer. this has always been part of my personality and it is something that i have really grown to love. not to say that i am an unrealistic person, but i have always found more enjoyment in dreaming big than just settling for what i think is safe.

i was talking to my mom earlier this morning about family things and got to discussing my grandmother who had big dreams and aspirations to become an architect. my grandmother was valedictorian in her high school graduating class and went on to pursue an education in this field at cleveland state in the 1960's. to her amazement no one would discuss this career field with her, they dismissed her and made it clear that a woman did not have a chance to make it in architecture. this was something that she dreamed to do, but given the circumstances she decided to focus her attention in the medical field. she became a successful psychologist and led a very fulfilling career and now she and my grandfather are enjoying the retired life.

i wonder to myself what her life may have been like if she was given the opportunity to follow her dreams and become the architect that she always wanted to be...how different might her life have been, what other opportunities would she have had?

i realize more and more everyday just how lucky i am to have choices. there is no one that will tell me what i can and can not do. every day i have the opportunity to live out my dreams and will never have to worry about being held back. i feel very inspired and above all thankful that i can be a dreamer.

i am a dreamer who has the opportunity to turn my dreams into reality.

i hope this post inspires all of you to stop chasing your dreams...instead make them real! if you don't start now then when will you?
♥ lindsay

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