the suitcase for life - part IV

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i try my hardest not to hold a grudge....although sometimes this is difficult, i have realized over the years that it is not worth my time or my energy. i recognize that people make mistakes, myself included, and with that realization i discovered how important it is for me to be able to forgive...this is why i have packed forgiveness in my suitcase for life.

i really believe in the quote "forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is an attitude." this is how i look at a lot of things in my life and because of this i am able to have a much more positive outlook on things. i am forever grateful for this discovery because every day i am stepping another foot in the right direction...i can't think of a better path to be on.

what items do you have in your suitcase for life?

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have a magical day - lindsay


  1. Forgiveness. Not easy at all, but totally worth it. When we hold grudges i think it effects us more than it effects the person who we have a grudge against.

    what's on my suitcase for life today: smile and be happy. :)

  2. Gorgeous... one of my favourite quotes is "Love is an act of endless forgiveness" - Peter Ustinov. xx

  3. i know people say to forgive and forget but when you forgive do you truly forget

  4. Gosh, forgiveness is such a hard thing sometimes. I love your take on it. Thank you for this inspiring post :)

  5. i love that quote! thanks for sharing!!! :)

  6. forgiving is hard but forgetting is wayyyy harder!