shhhh it's a secret

what's your secret?

yesterday when i came home from a lovely evening with friends and family for thanksgiving i was surprised to see i was tagged in 3 different fun and exciting blog things. i received a stylish blogger award from the lovely amy with a daring little life, i also was tagged in the post "for the love of four" by melissa with perfect peace, and i was also asked to share 7 secrets. i decided to break this up a little bit so tonight i will be sharing some secrets with you all...but clean of course :)
so who is it that would like me to share these 7 secrets you ask...the beautiful natalie of diary of a girl abroad of course. i just recently came across her amazing blog...if you haven't visited her before be sure you do pronto...you won't regret it :)

now on to my seven secrets...

1. i am a tad bit (okay maybe a big bit) obsessive compulsive. if i am searching for something such as a shirt and i can not find it, i will search and search until i do. there could be 10 other shirts that i could wear, but i absolutely have to find the one i am thinking about otherwise it will bother me all day long...and that is not a good thing :) this isn't just with clothes though, this is with anything...a pen, a pair of earrings, a watch...you name it!

2. people mistake me for an organized person...but sadly i am not, however in my defense i have a very good memory which makes up for my lack of organization. when working on projects i tend to be the one that has things thrown all over the place...but this is how i work and it is effective for me...i think :)

3. i'm a procrastinator...as much as i hate to say it i am. not neccessarily with things that i am excited about, but definitely with things that i am not looking forward to. a lot of people like to bite the bullet and get it over with, me however i wait until the very last minute...hmmm maybe this should be a 2011 resolution...stop procrastinating!

4. i used to have boys over at our house even though i wasn't supposed to (sorry mom if you're reading this). not that i was doing anything wrong...i just liked the company! i was a mix between a girly girl and a tomboy so i needed to have guys time too!

5. in 2nd grade i really started to despise math. we would have assignments to work on during class and the last thing i wanted to do was work on them so what did i do?!? a horrible horrible thing...i swiped the "finished" pile and erased my classmates name and wrote my own in. not only did i do that, but i brought the papers into the girls bathroom to do it so no one knew what i was going on...my gosh i can't believe i did that!!

6. when i was little i stole a pretty marble egg from a department store when i was with my mom. she finally noticed it when we got home and asked me where i got it from...i told her a chicken. pretty sure she didn't believe me!

7. in middle school i used to sneak in to multiple movies at the theatres in one day...have any of you done this? i was just a bored girl with not much to do at that age so seeing multiple movies seemed like a fun thing to do...sometimes i still would like to do this!! :)

well...those may not have been all that interesting, but they are secrets none the less. now it's my turn to pick 7 other fortunate people to share their secrets with us!!

ashley of miss ashley
kai of all kinds of complicated
ashley of ashley plus three
jenny of the swede records
vic of freckles and fudge
katie of katieebee
kathy of happy kathy

looking forward to reading about your seven secrets!!

have a lovely evening everyone :)



  1. I procrastinate allllll the time!! Being stressed makes me work better though! ha

  2. Teehee! I am #1 (with the vacuum...haha!), 2 and 3 for sure. You have the best way of spreading friendship. I love that you share and promote and spread little bits of joy around here! :)

  3. awesome thanks!!!


  4. Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I'll share my secrets toooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!thank you Lindsay!!!!!!

  5. oh i loved reading this:) so very funny because i am very much like you:) i just caught my daughters stealing those silly band things from Kohl's.....and it was a crazy night for all of us. Her father scared the shit out of her...I think it's safe to say all kids steal when they are little...okay most kids....haha....:) thanks doll!

  6. I have to admit I too procrastinate all the time.. Loved learning a little bit more about you. :)

  7. So fun to learn a little more about you, and grats on the award :)

  8. Haha I used to sneak into movies too! Thanks so much for playing along :) xx

  9. Readyyyyyyy!!!!http://happythingsforhappypeople.blogspot.com/2010/11/pleaseee-dont-tell-anyone.html

  10. I think we may be separated at birth? I swear all those secrets could be mine! Especially #1...if I lose something I cannot stop thinking about it until I find it! :) thanks for the tag, I'm working on my secrets!

  11. loved the post. new follower, I found you through freckles and fudge.


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