from another decade...

have you ever wondered if you were born in the wrong decade? i feel like i have such an old soul for my 25 year old body...maybe it's just that i really wish that i lived during the 1940's. or maybe i just wish the fasion were the same.

all images found on we♥it

so classic and so incredibly beautiful...not to mention the cars were fabulous and the men dressed so handsome!

what decade do you think you're from?

xo lindsay


  1. I totally think I was born in the wrong decade & on the wrong continent for that matter. I'd have to go with you on this one. Definitely the 40's!

  2. YES! I wish I wish with all my might that I was a 50's housewife! :) Silly I know, but it's true! Beautiful pictures! Happy early Thanksgiving!!! :)

  3. I wish everyone still dressed like that...

  4. oh my gosh lindsay! We really do thing alike because just yesterday I was thinking of putting up a post about if I lived in a different time It would be the 40s or 50s! ha crazy! Great pictures :D

  5. I definitely think I'm a flower child :)

  6. You seem like a 40's girl! I would have liked to be a 70's rocker chick. :)

  7. I definetly think I was born during the wrong decade. I would love to be the age I am now, but in the 50's. I absolutly love the clothing, and how women were so feminine. Great post!! I'm new to your blog and find it delightful!

  8. couldn't agree more! classy and beautiful :)

    AHHH!! I just relaized I have got one of your adorable buttons yet. I'm hoping on that right. this. second.
    I saw your comment on Valerie's blog about making buttons for people! I may take you up on that :) Do you do layout designs as well? Well, actually headers? I am in DESPERATE need of a header but girl I am sooooo horrible with that stuff. Would you be able to possibly help me out?! : ) If not it's SOOO FINE. I just thought i'd ask!

    my email is:
    ((sam.j.lorton.gmail.com)) if you wanna maybe chat about it!

    Thanks again for all your lovely words. You always make me happier! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!